Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Whipping my WIP's into shape

I have a lot of WIP’s (Work in progress), but no full drafts.  I have one that is very close to being complete, and two that are close to halfway finished.  I've been trying to analyze why I have so many stories in progress at one time in an attempt to get better writing habits in the future, and all I can come up with is that the story that is in my head (usually the newest one) is the one that I want to be writing.  But something else usually pops in there before I finish, and I jump to that project without completing it.  I don’t want to lose the new ideas, but I need to be better at remaining focused on the old ones.

In an attempt to force myself to start finishing some of these projects I’ve set a goal for myself to have two WIP’s turned into drafts by the end of October, and at least one of these ready for my beta readers by then.  This should be an easily obtained goal, and honestly if I really focused I could probably make my goal by the end of this month, however I still have my day job that keeps me busy during the day, this blog to keep up (and keep me accountable!), as well as real life to keep on top of.

My next goal from there is to have one of these WIP’s edited by the end of December.  That should give me time to also work on one of my other WIP’s and get it near completion too.  And let’s be honest, probably start a new WIP along the way.  At least I’m not suffering from writers block!

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